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Avalanche Continues to Tease Mysterious Game; Just Cause 3?

by Ron Duwell | February 28, 2013February 28, 2013 10:00 pm PST

Just Cause 3 (1)

Avalanche Studios continues to tease fans with images of their upcoming next-gen open-world action game, this time via Instagram. The only problem? We’re not quite sure what it is.

The Swedish development studio is currently rumored to be developing not just one, but two open world action games, widely believed to be the next entry in their main franchise, Just Cause 3, and a game that takes place in the Mad Max universe.

Following a teaser image released earlier in the month, seen below in the gallery, many fans debated which of the two games the screencap could be from. The desert setting, style, and motorcycle scream of Mad Max, but such a beautiful acrobatic removal of a man from his hog could only come from the Just Cause games.

The latest screenshot though shows the same mysterious hero thousands of feet above the Earth with nothing but air between him and a pavement induced death. It would be a stretch to label this latest shot from a Mad Max game, as driving for an extended amount of time in the post-apocalyptic outback is nigh impossible, let alone power an entire blimp.

I’m quite certain that man has several thousand disposable parachutes in that bag of his, and a well placed grappling hook into the hull of that ship will save him from an embarrassing death. I’m just as certain that the only game which could create such an improbably situation could only be Just Cause 3. Given the aesthetic of the bike and blimp though, could this game be taking place in a different time period?

Avalanche’s CEO Christofer Sundberg also tweeted shortly afterwards that the game would be at E3 2013.

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