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EA Exec Calls the PlayStation 4 a Gigantic Leap Over Current-Gen Consoles

by Brandon Russell | February 27, 2013February 27, 2013 7:30 pm PDT

PlayStation 4 Controller - 4

Even though Sony didn’t share the PlayStation 4’s final hardware design, the company did give detailed information about its specs. It sounds beastly, and judging from the footage we saw, console fans should be excited about what’s to come. Developers are equally as excited about the PlayStation’s 4’s capabilities.

According to EA Chief Technical Officer Rajat Taneja, the PS4 has 8 to 10 times the power of current-gen consoles, meaning consumers will see a “gigantic leap” in graphics.

“We no longer have to constrain our games or ration computer graphics, memory or bandwidth,” Taneja said. “We can let the games really flourish [in] 1080p, 60 frames per second” to provide an unprecedented level of gameplay. Further expanding on his thoughts of the PS4, Taneja said,” What used to take months in the past will now take days to do.”

Overall, Taneja also said the PS4’s standard PC architecture will make the lives of developers much easier. “At EA, we have never been as prepared or more ready for the start of a new console,” Taneja said.

He certainly talks up the PlayStation 4 up quite a bit, but his comments are from a developer’s viewpoint. We’ll have to wait and see just how big of a leap the upcoming console is when it hits later this year.


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