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Dropbox Serves 1 Billion Uploads Per Day

by Brandon Russell | February 27, 2013February 27, 2013 7:00 pm PST

Dropbox Dropquest

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston on Wednesday revealed that 1 billion files are saved to the service every single day. An astonishingly high figure, supported by a 100 million strong userbase that’s growing all the time. And always getting better, too.

Houston also said of the 100 million people currently using Dropbox, the service is accessed through 500 million devices. Personally, I use dropbox on the computer for documents and through my phone for automatic photo uploads.

By the end of this year, Houston expects Dropbox to grow up to 150 million users. A pretty lofty goal—50 million user growth is difficult for any company—but one we’re sure Dropbox will achieve without a problem.

As the year goes on, Dropbox says it could expand by creating better tools to differentiate between work and personal tasks, as well as the possibility for family Dropbox plans through wireless carriers.


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