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Battleblock Theater is Coming This Spring, Behemoth is Serious

by Joey Davidson | February 27, 2013February 27, 2013 10:00 pm PST

The Behemoth, the indie studio behind Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid, looks set to release their long-awaited next game for the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Battleblock Theater‘s brand new trailer hosts nearly a minute of gameplay.

This game looks nuts, and I mean that in a good way.

You just have to love the self-deprecation that goes on as this trailer closes. “For real this time…” the invisible director writes. Why? The Behemoth has been saying that Battleblock Theater is coming soon for, literally, years. I played it at PAX several years ago. It was “coming soon” way back then.

But, hey, at least it looks like they’re serious this time. The Behemoth is releasing Battleblock Theater for the Xbox LIVE Arcade this spring.

Joey Davidson

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