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France Telecom CEO Calls Apple “Less Arrogant Than They Used to Be”

by Sean P. Aune | February 26, 2013February 26, 2013 7:00 am PST

Orange store sign

Could it be that Apple is finally losing some of its notorious ego? Could the company finally be a bit more flexible? According to the CEO of Orange, the answer is “yes.”

Speaking with a group of reporters during a dinner on Monday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, France Telecom-Orange CEO Stephane Richard was asked about his opinons on Apple. According to AllThingsD, he had some comments that could be taken as a compliment or insult depending on your point of view. “Apple has [become] more flexible, paying more attention to everyone else, probably a little less arrogant than they used to be,” Richard said. Speaking to how the company is under Tim Cook’s leadership as opposed to Steve Jobs’, he added, “I think they are probably a little more under pressure, and it is quite nice.”

It has become pretty obvious that we are now dealing with a different Apple than we were even a few years ago, but it’s still interesting to see someone at his level in the industry expressing it so publicly.

Amongst other topics discussed by the outspoken CEO were if the market can sustain all of the operating system currently cropping up to fight it out for third place. While he feels that someone can become a strong third place runner, he doesn’t feel that all of them will be able to tough it out. And as for Windows Phone, he feels it is still lacking a “wow” factor that will propel it forward.


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