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U.S. Takes Firm Stance on International Hacks Against Apple, Facebook

by Todd Haselton | February 20, 2013February 20, 2013 11:30 pm PDT


The White House issued a statement on Wednesday condemning the recent digital attacks on major American firms. The goal of the attacks, likely, was to obtain both private information and trade secrets of American firms. Facebook and Apple were two of the most recent victims.

“Trade secret theft threatens American businesses, undermines national security, and places the security of the U.S. economy in jeopardy. These acts also diminish U.S. export prospects around the globe and put American jobs at risk,” the White House said in a statement obtained by Reuters. “Emerging trends indicate that the pace of economic espionage and trade secret theft against U.S. corporations is accelerating.”

It’s reassuring that the United States is taking a firm stance on possible security breaches, and we hope the statements represent some form of defense that’s already being implemented.


Todd Haselton

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