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Microsoft to Move Windows Live Messenger Users to Skype on April 8

by Todd Haselton | February 15, 2013February 15, 2013 1:00 pm PST

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Microsoft confirmed back in November that it has plans to replace its Windows Live Messenger entirely with Skype, and that day is quickly approaching. According to The Verge, Microsoft will start to flip the switch on April 8, the day it will move all users from Windows Live Messenger over to Skype. How will it work, specifically?

Apparently users simply won’t be able to log in to Windows Live Messenger and hopes to have most of its clients moved over to Skype by April. “The upgrade process itself has been going really well, we’ve had millions of customers move over,” Skype’s Parri Munsell told The Verge, which also noted that the March 15 date, originally noted as the end date for Windows Live Messenger, is no longer accurate.

Here’s the kicker though: if you use the chat client that’s built into Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8, you’ll be able to continue operating as normal and won’t need to switch over to Skype. It’s also still unclear how this will affect third-party clients.

The Verge

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