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Could This be the PlayStation 4’s New Controller? [Updated]

by Joey Davidson | February 14, 2013February 14, 2013 12:25 pm PDT

Possible PlayStation 4 Controller

Update (3:55pm EST): Sources are now saying that this is the real controller for the PlayStation 4. Here’s what Kotaku says about it:

An industry source familiar with the new system tells us the photo is the real deal.

They go on to remind readers that this might not be the controller’s final form. So, if that holds true, expect something like this controller.

Original story: Two analog sticks? Check. The ever-present circle, square, cross and triangle? Yep. The now classic Sony controller layout? Uh-huh. The PlayStation Button in the center of the controller for navigation? Roger that.

Is this the new controller for the PlayStation 4? Maybe. What if the blue light on top has something to do with Sony’s Move controller?

The image comes from Destructoid as they report that they controller has been plugged into a development kit for the PlayStation 4. They offer no strong source other than that little tidbit and the image itself.

Some of the recent rumors have indicated that the controller for the PlayStation 4 will feature a touchpad in the center. Either the prankster who made this thing was reading those ideas, or Sony did actually design their next controller to feature touch input.

This is certainly a rumor, but what do you think of the validity? Is this the controller for the PlayStation 4? Is it just an early prototype?

More than likely, we’ll know either way once Sony has their press event next Wednesday. TechnoBuffalo will be attending the event and providing live coverage from home. If there’s a hands-on to be had, we’ll deliver it.


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