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Ready for a Microsoft Surface Mini? It’s Possible.

by Todd Haselton | February 14, 2013February 14, 2013 11:00 am PST

Microsoft Surface Pro Logo

Microsoft’s Surface RT and Surface with Windows 8 Pro tablets currently have 10.6-inch displays, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft isn’t interested in going smaller. The company’s chief financial officer Peter Klein said that it’s actually very possible for Microsoft to release smaller Windows Surface tablets, and that the operating system is ready for various screen sizes. Whether or not it will ever come to fruition is an entirely different story, but we hope it does.

“We can have the same core code base driving form factors from four inches all the way up to 27-inch ones and everything in between,” Klein said during a Goldman Sachs conference recently, according to AllThingsD. “So I think we are well set up to respond to demand as we see it. We can deliver a versatile set of experiences across form factors, whether they’re four-inch, five-inch, seven-inch, 10-inch or 13-inch.”

We think Microsoft should definitely go after the 7-inch market, especially if it can drop the price to match competing products powered by Android and iOS. Microsoft obviously needs to compete against those products in every product size, not just at the 10-inch range, and we have a feeling that’s going to happen. Hopefully sooner rather than later.


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