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Instagram Asks Judge to Toss ToS Lawsuit

by Todd Haselton | February 14, 2013February 14, 2013 8:30 am PDT


An Instagram user leveraged a lawsuit against the social network after it decided to change its terms of service to include some seemingly bizarre content controls. The case is still in front of a judge in San Francsico, and now Instagram is asking that the lawsuit be tossed entirely.

We kind of agree where Instagram is coming from, too. The social network is arguing, according to Reuters, that user Lucy Funes could have simply deleted her account when the terms of service changed. It’s a valid point – if you don’t like the rules to any service, you’re always free to delete your account. Perhaps she’s more concerned about photos she was tagged in, from other accounts, which is a valid concern, but Instagram alleges her account was still active after she filed a suit.

It kind of seems like Funes is just searching to earn a quick paycheck from Instagram. It’s unclear if the court will side with Instagram and toss the suit.


Todd Haselton

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