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HTC One Advertising Shows Up During Champions League Game

by Brandon Russell | February 14, 2013February 14, 2013 11:30 am PST


The M7/HTC One saga is taking yet another strange twist, leaving us even more confused about the company’s upcoming plans. For the longest time we were positive the company’s upcoming flagship, which will slot in just below the Droid DNA in terms of size, would be called the M7. HTC CEO Peter Chou even said as much during an HTC soiree earlier this month. Then suddenly the HTC One moniker pops up.

If you watched any of the UEFA Champions League matches this week, you might have noticed some advertising clearly outing the HTC One name. What more confirmation do you need? Of course, there are plenty of devices in the One lineage, so this could merely be a clarion call to all of the devices that fall in that lineup.

Adding more fog to this strangely nebulous narrative is the fact that two very distinct designs have leaked, so we have no clue if the M7 is the HTC One, or visa versa. We’ll find out real soon when the company takes the stage next Tuesday, Feb. 19.


Brandon Russell

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