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Valve Fires Several Hardware and Android Department Employees

by Joey Davidson | February 13, 2013February 13, 2013 11:30 am PST

Valve Making Free-To-Play Games

News has come that Valve, the company behind the Steam marketplace and games like Half-Life and Portal, has fired a large group of staffers. Gamasutra reports that Valve has let go of around 25 people, but can’t confirm that validity of that number.

It was cited in late 2012 that Valve was employing roughly 400 people. If 25 people were fired, that marks roughly 1/16th of the company’s size.

Gamasutra cites rumblings from employees that indicate these firings come as a large scale cleansing and shift for Valve. They report that the firings happened in both the hardware and Android development portions of Valve.

That might mean that Valve will soon shift their focus on the Android platform and the development of the Steam Box, a sort of PC designed specifically for living room and large TV usage.

As more comes from this, we’ll have it.

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