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Motorola X Said to be a “Game Changer” to Take on Apple, Samsung

motorola x

There are plenty of stories circling that Google is working with Motorola, which it acquired for $12.5 billion in 2011, on a new flagship Android smartphone dubbed the Motorola X that will offer some amazing new features. The problem? Nobody really knows what the features are, which is why today’s rumor seems to be throwing salt on the gaping wound of uncertainty.

SmartHouse today said that it has learned through Telstra’s chief technology officer Hugh Bradlow that Google is working on a “real breakthrough, a game changer that will put pressure on Samsung and Apple.” Of course, neither Bradlow nor SmartHouse elaborated on those points, and only said the device is supposed to sport some amazing new software – likely Android Key Lime Pie.

We’re not sure what to take away from this report. It seems pretty plausible that a Motorola X phone will launch at some point, but we’re not sure why Bradlow would risk his career leaking important information. Our guess is he was projecting what Motorola and Google need to do in order to take on the big giants, although does Google really need to tackle Samsung, a valuable partner, anyway?

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