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Droolworthy Perks: Employers Doling Out Free Gadget Gifts

by Adriana Lee | February 13, 2013February 13, 2013 6:00 pm PST


Here’s something from the “oh, pleeeease, let this be a trend” files: Apple got a little bump in sales, thanks to LinkedIn generously bestowing iPad Minis to its 3,500 employees. This isn’t a corporate work-tool distribution by the social business network, but simply a “thank you” for an outstanding year that beat Wall Street’s estimates every quarter.

Says a LinkedIn spokesperson, “We wanted to acknowledge the hard work and accomplishments of all of our employees in 2012. During today’s bi-weekly All Hands meeting, we surprised our employees with iPad Minis as a small gesture of the company’s gratitude for their contributions.”

That’s an incredible gesture. If every employee got one, and each tablet ran the typical $329 retail price point, the sum adds up to a whopping $1,151,500.00. Of course, LinkedIn’s not the only one to spoiling their workforce with gadgets. A TechCrunch source reports that Intel R&D engineers received fully loaded Lenovo Yogas worth $1,500 each.

What would be your ideal tech gift from an employer? Would it be an iPad or another tablet? A laptop? A phone? Other? Let us know what it would take for your company to keep you happy and motivated.


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