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Apple Building Entire Wearable Computing Platform, Not Just iWatch

by Todd Haselton | February 12, 2013February 12, 2013 7:50 am EST


Apple has a ton of cash on hand and the tech community has been furiously trying to find out what it plans to do with all of it. Is there a new product in the pipeline, such as the iTV? Or something entirely different? AppleInsider has learned that the company is developing an entire wearable computing ecosystem, not just a single product such as the recently rumored iWatch.

In fact, Apple is allegedly building a system that’s “comprised of wireless sensing systems for monitoring not only sports activity, athletic training, medicine, fitness, and wellness in humans, but also for tracking packages and industrial production,” AppleInsider revealed on Tuesday. It sounds like Apple might just have a Google Now competitor up its sleeves after all.

The site discovered that Apple was today awarded “the rights to a continuation” of its patents for creating products capable of the aforementioned capabilities. The devices are capable of monitoring movement and the stats can be recorded remotely on another computer, perhaps an iPhone or another device. Unlike competing products such as the Nike Fuelband or Fitbit, Apple’s solution will also be able to monitor temperature, humidity, your altitude and more. An event monitoring module can also detect your heartbeat and other functions. AppleInsider even said Apple believes the technology will make its way into extreme and professional sports for monitoring every movement of each player.

We’re excited to see where this technology goes and to learn more about when Apple plans to introduce it. We’ve already sounded off on what we would like to see in an iWatch, and it sounds like the company has plenty of additional plans up its sleeves.


Todd Haselton

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