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Steam Mobile Now Supported on iPad

by Ron Duwell | February 6, 2013February 6, 2013 6:00 pm PST


Although already available for the iPhone for the longest time, a new patch updating the iOS version of Steam Mobile will now make the popular video game digital distribution network available with an edition for the iPad.

Valve’s world renowned service, which peaks at roughly 6 million users online during rush hours, has finally cracked another long evasive market and is set to only grow even further.

As if buying games with the click of a mouse wasn’t additive enough, imagine how much money you’ll be spending with the simple touch of a finger. iPad owners will now never be able to escape the allure of Steam’s ridiculously generous seasonal sales, daily price drops and monstrous library of AAA blockbusters and indie favorites alike.

Not only does Steam Mobile act as an online mega-store, but it also functions as an instant messaging service with other Steam friends. Users can keep track of what games their friends are playing, read their achievement updates, and receive news on yet another sale for that game they’ve been itching to buy.

When the world’s most popular tablet comes into contact with the word’s most exciting distribution channel, sparks are bound to fly, or at least lots and lots of money. Don’t let that paycheck burn a hole in your pocket. Make like its 2003 and join Steam Mobile like the rest of the internet. Signing up is free, but full enjoyment is anything will require spending money on games.


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