Google Won’t Have a Booth at This Year’s Mobile World Congress

by Brandon Russell | February 6, 2013

A Google France exec said the search giant won’t have any meaningful presence at this year’s Mobile World Congress, though a team of Android know-it-alls will be there to support OEM partners. The venerable company has previously constructed some of the show’s most impressive booths, so the absence will certainly be felt for show attendees.

So the event will be a lot less green this year, which is a shame. But it’s obvious Google would rather focus its attention on its own announcement: Google I/O. With Google Glass, Key Lime Pie and an X Phone all in the pipeline, the company is busier than ever, so it’s no surprise it would opt out of this year’s festivities.

That just means we’re expecting that much better of a show when the company kicks off I/O on May 15.

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