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Leaked ‘Chromebook Pixel’ Video Reveals Google’s Possible Answer to Retina MacBook Pro

by Brandon Russell | February 6, 2013February 6, 2013 3:00 pm PDT

Google’s upcoming May event might introduce more than just an Android upgrade and another flagship phone. If the teaser you see below is legit, the company has a new touchscreen Chromebook in the works, dubbed Pixel, that will allegedly match Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro for resolution. Does a touchscreen Chromebook sound like something you’d be interested in?

“The more pixels we add, the more wonderful the world,” the video’s narrator says. At such an early stage, it’s unclear whether Google is responsible for the video or not. It’s certainly well done—there’s no disputing that. But this is the first time hearing of such a device.

The Verge says the device was lifted from an agency known as Slinky, which has done work for Google before. In addition, a developer insists such a laptop is already undergoing testing within Google’s Mountain View fortress.

Little else is known about the project, such as specs, price or release. But it could grace Google’s upcoming I/O event in May, so we’ll see exactly what the ad means by “your computer actually gets better over time.

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