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DayZ Gets 15 Minute Gameplay Video with Developer Narration

by Joey Davidson | February 5, 2013February 5, 2013 9:00 pm PST

DayZ originally began as a special mod for ARMA II. Created by Dean “Rocket” Hall, this once fan-made modification is now becoming a full-on, standalone game. That means it will launch as DayZ without any need to buy or install ARMA II.

The 15 minute gameplay video at the head of this post was done up by two of the developers, including the aforementioned Rocket. While the clip is a little rough (it’s a preview build, afterall), the duo narrating go over a few UI tweaks, the clothing engine and a bit of what’s been updated in the game’s maps.

DayZ as a standalone has not been given a release date just yet. If you’d like to play a rough and rather buggy version of the product, you can buy ARMA II and install the DayZ mod.

DayZ Dev Blog

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