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Monolith Soft Teases Another Mysterious New Game

by Ron Duwell | February 4, 2013February 4, 2013 4:00 pm PST


Monolith Soft’s recently announced Xeno follow-up is not the only game they have in the works for Nintendo. The JRPG developer recently uploaded a photo to their Facebook page teasing a new fantasy themed game being developed by a recently established Kyoto office.

The skimpily dressed princess, talking trees, and a fuzzy monster companion are a far cry from the companies typical outing with giant robots and existential science fiction plots, but color me intrigued by their change in tone. The game will not be for the Wii U, however, as this new Kyoto studio is instead focusing on Nintendo 3DS development.

Monolith Soft had a major critical hit last year with Xenoblade Chronicles emerging as one of the highest reviewed games of the year and one of the highest rated Wii games of all time. Their most recent game, Project X Zone, was a Nintendo 3DS mash-up of Capcom, Namco, and SEGA characters all duking it out in strategy RPG style that released in Japan last year. It’s also been confirmed for a 2013 Summer release in America.

More on this new game as we learn more.

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