Apple’s New OS X 10.9 Starts Spiking in Traffic Logs

by Todd Haselton | February 4, 2013

Apple released OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion on July 25, and it appears that the company is already hard at work – nay, already testing, its next iteration. MacRumors recently noticed a spike in the number of users accessing its website from an operating system identified as “OS X 10.9.” The name itself isn’t new, but the spike suggests that perhaps the user base is expanding and that a developer preview is on its way soon.

MacRumors said it’s easy to replicate this kind of data, but that it suspects Apple is indeed testing the new OS for support across various web sites and browsers, and noted that “the trends currently being observed are consistent with past releases” pushed out by Apple.

We don’t know what the latest version of OS X will offer just yet, although we wouldn’t be surprised to see features from iOS carried over, and a tighter integration with Apple’s mobile platform overall.



Todd Haselton

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