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Android Malware Masquerading as Cleaner App Targets Smartphones and Computers

by Brandon Russell | February 4, 2013February 4, 2013 6:30 pm PST

Angry Evil Android

A vicious new Android malware known as DroidCleaner is terrorizing Google’s app emporium, and it sounds particularly terrible. In addition to performing typical feats of wickedness, the malware also has the capability of targeting a user’s PC for spying purposes.

According to security firm Kaspersky Labs, the alleged “cleaner” app has the ability to infect (older) Windows computers once the contaminated Android device is plugged in. Once a computer is infected, the malware can then take over the computer’s microphone and eavesdrop on conversations. Awful.

Kaspersky’s Victor Chebyshev said DroidCleaner is especially clever and robust, with such “features” as sending/uploading/deleting SMS messages, enabling Wi-Fi, gathering device information and uploading all contacts/photos/coordinates from the infected device. 

The malware does rely on older Windows machines with AutoRun turned on, however, so those with newer computers shouldn’t have to worry. Still, the app is present in Google’s store waiting for unsuspecting Android users. Safe downloading.


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