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No Surprise: Android Key Lime Pie Scheduled to Debut This Spring

by Todd Haselton | February 1, 2013February 1, 2013 3:00 pm PST

We’ve known for a while that Google’s likely going to call its next Android operating system Key Lime Pie, and that its Google I/O conference in May will likely be the launch platform for it. Now it’s all but confirmed by Google itself, thanks to a leaked document obtained by Android Police.

Let’s hope Key Lime Pie comes installed on that
Motorola X smartphone we’ve been hearing so much about.The leaked pages suggests that Key Lime Pie is still “in planning” but that it’s scheduled release in spring 2013 between March and June. May falls right in that time period, so the cat’s basically out of the bag: Android Key Lime Pie is coming, and it’s coming in May. As Gizmodo notes, the documents don’t tell us anything about what we can expect from Key Lime Pie. Still, they seem pretty legitimate because Qualcomm forced Android Police to pull them down.

Android Police Gizmodo

Todd Haselton

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