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PS Vita’s Soul Sacrifice Dated for April 30th American, European Release

by Ron Duwell | January 30, 2013January 30, 2013 9:00 pm PST

Be ready to toss your friends into the fire for your own personal gain! Mega Man co-creator Keiji Inafune is returning to video games after his departure from Capcom last year, and his first game back after his extended hiatus finally has a release date set in stone.

Hyped for its unique stance on death in video games, Soul Sacrifice is a PlayStation Vita exclusive with a cold, depressing look at co-operative play. The game is a spin on the recent handheld co-op RPGs that have taken Japan by storm, only this one will have you questioning the very meaning of friendship and how much your friends really are worth to you.

You see, Soul Sacrifice lives up to its name forcing you to choose between defeating a tough boss the slow painful way of attacking or sacrificing a teammate to unleash an ultimate attack and perhaps save the rest of the party. No ifs, ands or buts about the situation, the player is lost in the battle and does not receive the bonuses the surviving teammates will receive.

It doesn’t sound like the best idea on paper, but come crunch time, it will prove to bring out the worst in griefers and friends alike.

Pre-ordering the game will unlock two exclusive costumes and three weapons to be used when customizing your character. See them in the gallery below.

Soul Sacrifice is a promising game that reeks of the style Capcom used to be the masters of. The PlayStation Vita needs a serious contender these days, and hopefully they’ve finally found one. Soul Sacrifice will be released April 30th

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