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Catch Up On All the Recent BlackBerry 10 News

by Brandon Russell | January 30, 2013January 30, 2013 6:00 pm PDT

All of BlackBerry’s deepest, darkest secrets were laid out today, and it’s about time. It took several months and many frustrating set backs, but BlackBerry 10 is finally ready to take on the likes of iOS and Android. So will it be able to keep up?

The right bases were covered today: the Z10 is an all-touch handset, while the Q10 is for consumers missing the cool touch of a physical keyboard. There are apps, carrier support, cool features and even odd celebrity endorsements. In all, it was a safe announcement, one that we’re glad has finally come and gone.

BlackBerry has plenty of work ahead of itself—a complete name change is just the beginning—especially with bigger and better handsets coming from Samsung and Apple. Welcome back, BlackBerry. Now let’s get to work.

More BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Q10 Hands-On Demo

We swung by BlackBerry’s display tables after the event this morning to check out the firm’s first QWERTY BlackBerry 10 smartphone, which will end up on Verizon and AT&T, and like what we saw so far. Its specs are a bit different than the Z10, which will launch sooner on the big four U.S. wireless […]

BlackBerry Z10 Unboxing and First Impressions

We rushed home from BlackBerry’s event today with a fresh BlackBerry Z10 review unit in hand and quickly unboxed it. Now, bear with me here, Jon is out traveling so I unboxed it in my apartment and will send him the unit for his full video review. In the meantime, we’re really impressed with what […]

T-Mobile Will Also Offer the BlackBerry Z10

The quartet of U.S. carriers has been completed. T-Mobile has sprung up a splash page announcing it will also offer the BlackBerry Z10 with 4G LTE—no price or release is anywhere to be found. This follows similar announcements from Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. Everything is mainly set up to excite T-Mobile customers, and to remind […]

BlackBerry 10 Devices Coming to AT&T

AT&T announced this morning that it will be carrying both the BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Z10. While the announcement speaks to the carrier’s excitement of supporting the two new devices, no release date or pricing has been announced as of yet. If you visit AT&T’s site it lists that you can sign up to be […]

Sprint Says it Will Carry the BlackBerry Q10 Later This Year

More carriers are filing in line for BlackBerry’s exciting new devices. After Verizon said it will offer both the Z10 and Q10, Sprint sent out a PR blast confirming it will carry the Q10 “later this year.” Unfortunately, no price was shared (Verizon was equally mum on Q10 pricing). BlackBerry said its new devices will […]

BlackBerry Announces Keep Moving Projects With Famous Creators

BlackBerry has announced Alicia Keys as its Global Creative Director and a new project called Keep Moving. During the BlackBerry 10 event today, it was announced that Alicia Keys would be joining the company as its Global Creative Director and heading up a new project called Keep Moving. While it isn’t clear yet what Keep […]

Alicia Keys is BlackBerry’s New Global Creative Director

Grammy Award winning singer, Alicia Keys, is BlackBerry’s new Global Creative Director. Keys said she will work closely with all avenues of the platform to help push the new OS forward. Pretty unexpected, but clearly a move on BlackBerry’s part to reach younger audiences. Keys said she was once a heavy BlackBerry supporter, but strayed […]

BlackBerry 10 Devices Will Be Available in U.K. Tomorrow, U.S. in March, and Canada on Feb. 5

BlackBerry said its new platform will be available in the U.S. in March—no exact date was given. If you’re in Canada, though, both devices will be available on Feb. 3—hometown favorites—for $149.99 with three year contract. Lab testing for 110 worldwide carries will be completed at the end of February, so releases should follow shortly […]

BlackBerry: 70,000 Launch Apps, Including Skype, Twitter and Facebook

BlackBerry is listing off apps leading the charge on its new platform, with Skype, Whatsapp, Angry Birds, Twitter, and others all on board. The company said there will be 70,000 launch apps—a pretty impressive launch figure, showing that developers are committed to ushering BlackBerry onto the same plane as iOS and Android as far as […]

Verizon Will Offer BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10, Gets Exclusive Dibs on White Z10

Following BlackBerry’s official Z10 and Q10 announcement, Verizon said it will offer both devices on its huge LTE network. The company didn’t disclose an exact date, but did say the Z10 (both black and white) will be priced at $199.99 with a two year contract. Incidentally, the white model will be a Verizon exclusive.

BlackBerry 10 Adds Screen Sharing to Video Calls

The new BlackBerry 10 OS is bringing along screensharing to mobile devices, something that has been squarely in the land of computers. During today’s demonstration of BlackBerry 10, the newly christened BlackBerry company showed off the ability to do screensharing during a video call. While sharing screens is a common practice on computers, it has […]

Blackberry Q10 and Z10 Officially Unveiled

BlackBerry – formerly known as RIM – officially took the wraps off its first two BlackBerry 10 phones today: The Q10 and Z10. At the BlackBerry 10 event today in New York City, the wraps were taken off of the long rumored BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 handsets. While the Z10 is a full touchscreen device, […]

RIM Drops Name, Wants to Simply Be Known as BlackBerry

Stop calling RIM, RIM. That’s what CEO Thorsten Heins just told a New York audience. Instead, the company will be known simply as BlackBerry. “One brand, one promise,” Heins said. The company has essentially been rebuilt from the ground up over the course of BlackBerry 10’s development, so it was only fitting, Heins explained. People […]

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