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Roundup: What Can We Expect from Nokia at Mobile World Congress?

by Brandon Russell | January 29, 2013January 29, 2013 7:00 pm PDT


Nokia will hold a press conference at Mobile World Congress next month, presumably to announce a new flagship Lumia handset. Last year, in 2012, the company unveiled its monster 808 PureView, so perhaps that’s enough precedence to expect that “true PureView Windows Phone” we’ve heard so much about.

Aside from the PureView speculation, Nokia is reportedly revamping its upcoming Lumia lineup with all new design language—rumors suggest the company will replace its favored polycarbonate unibody for aluminum.

In addition, Nokia is expected to release a Lumia handset for Verizon that’s on par with the 920. What kind of improvements Verizon customers will enjoy remain to be seen. 

Nokia’s Lumia lineup has done especially well for the company over the past few months, so it’s no surprise such big handsets are waiting in the wings. We’ll be on hand at MWC to see what, exactly, Nokia has up its sleeve.

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