FCC Filing Shows Smaller Apple TV

by Roy Choi | January 29, 2013

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Apple usually has a certain process when it comes to upholding its “veil of secrecy” and usually files Federal Communications Commission (FCC) required material the day of major announcements. Which is why this FCC filing, published Tuesday, seems a bit of a deviation from standard procedures. Could this be the “AppleTV3,2” mentioned in yesterday’s Apple TV update?

The filing shows an Apple TV with slightly smaller dimension (93.78 mm versus the current model’s 98mm). This alleged Apple TV variant carries the A1469 model number, but doesn’t reveal much else, other than displaying the size dimensions and same Wi-Fi configurations as the current Apple TVs. By this filing alone, it doesn’t appear to be the magical Apple TV that we’ve been waiting for. 


Roy Choi

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