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Costco to Sell Microsoft Surface RT Tablets

by Ron Duwell | January 28, 2013January 28, 2013 7:30 am PST


Costco may soon join Best Buy and Staples as a primary retailer of Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet, according to a leaked shot of the retailer’s inventory system. The device is still expected to sell for $499.99 without a Touch Cover, although Costco will apply a discount to a few models.

Microsoft usually sells its 32GB and 64GB tablets with a Touch Cover for $599 and $699, respectively, but it looks like Costco will discount the device by $10 – $20 depending on the color of the Touch Cover and the capacity of the device. It’s a decent a decent deal if you’re already cruising through the aisles of Costco, but it’s probably not enough to make you head there in the first place.

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