Kavaj Leather iPhone 5 Case: Impressions

by Todd Haselton | January 27, 2013

We swung by the Kavaj booth during CES 2013 and had a chance to meet with a company we hadn’t heard of that makes iPhone and iPad accessories. The company left us with a review sample of its leather iPhone 5 case, and I’ve been using it ever since.

I absolutely love the tight fit around my iPhone, and that it has a small magnetic function that keeps a flap covering the screen while it’s in my pocket.There are holes provided for the camera, the speakers and the Lightning port, but leather is used to cover the volume up/down and power buttons. It never gets in the way, however, and I’m still able to control the phone without any issue. There are also two slots on the back for holding credit cards, but I’ve found them particularly useful for storing my business cards. Just below those flaps is a small logo indicating the brand name: Kavaj.

I should note that the case needed about a day or so to finally fit the iPhone 5 appropriately. The flap covering the screen didn’t immediately stretch completely over the display, but as the leather loosened up this became less of a problem. My only issue is that the seam is starting to come off of the cover flap after just a few weeks. It doesn’t seem to be deteriorating the overall quality of the cover just yet, but I wonder if it will become a bigger problem down the road. My gut reaction is yes, but there also appears to be glue holding everything in place.

If you love leather and affordability, than the Kavaj iPhone 5 case should be right up your alley. It retails for $34.90 from Amazon, which is on a par with several plastic cases I’ve seen, but provides a bit more class. We’re hoping to check out the iPad mini case too, so stay tuned for a look at that.

Todd Haselton

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