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Apple Extends “App Store Notes” to More Featured Apps

by Adriana Lee | January 27, 2013January 27, 2013 5:30 pm PDT

Seems that Apple likes its App Store Notes so much, it’s pushing that out to more featured applications.

If you haven’t seen or noticed Notes, they’re basically short app descriptions that sit near the top of the app page on your iOS device. They first popped up in December on apps that were in Apple’s Best of the Year round-up. Now it’s showing up in other featured areas, like Editor’s Choice and App of the Week.

Being able to read a short blurb about an app is actually a pretty handy feature. Sometimes those developer descriptions go on a little long or bury the best characteristics way down into the page.

In the example above, the App Store Notes for Vine, an Apple’s Editor’s Choice app, reads as follows:

We can’t decide what’s more fun: shooting and sharing our own six-second splices of life or browsing the loopy video creations of others. Whatever the answer, our interest is piqued by this innovative combination of short-form video creation and social networking.

Here’s another, for Gesundheit!, Apple’s App of the Week as of this writing:

Each week, we select a great app and bring it to you for free as our App of the Week (in-app purchases sold separately). Gesundheit is a quirky game starring a pig with a head cold. Spectacular hand-draw visuals, an outlandish story, and infectious gameplay ensure Gesundheit is worth your time.

Again, not all the apps in the store have this. (It would be a pretty epic undertaking, to write up all those blurbs across the whole store, no?) But hopefully it won’t be long before more show up. For now, in addition to the curated sections mentioned, a handful have also been spotted across New and Noteworthy and What’s Hot.

App Store Notes does not show up in iTunes desktop or iTunes Preview online, only via iOS devices.

What other changes would you love to see the App Store make? If you’re an iOS user with some clever ideas, weigh in below in the comments.


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