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Yarn Yoshi Continues Nintendo’s Fascination with Embroidery

by Ron Duwell | January 23, 2013January 23, 2013 4:00 pm PST

A holiday season doesn’t go by where I don’t graciously receive a new handmade scarf, pair of slippers, or blanket from one of the talented knitters in my life. Nintendo seems to have noticed too, because a few of their popular series have become laden in embroidery.

During its Nintendo Direct video today, Nintendo announced Yarn Yoshi, a 2D platformer for the Nintendo Wii U from the same team responsible for the critically successful Kirby’s Epic Yarn. While no gameplay elements were revealed one thing can be said for certain: it’s going to be really really cute.

What continues to amaze me about Nintendo platformers is how much variety they can get out of simply running to the right and jumping. Super Mario Bros takes a much different approach than the Wario Land games, and the Yoshi’s Island games have always had their own distinct feel as well. While it might be safe to assume Yarn Yoshi will play like a Yoshi’s Island game, the guys were able to build an original formula out of Kirby. Maybe they’ll have a few changes in mind.

In the meantime, don’t think that Nintendo’s attempts to attract the knitting audience into buying a Nintendo product is anything new. You have to take into account that they once released stitching patterns for the NES back in the day.

More to come on Yarn Yoshi and all of the wonderful new games the announced today as we hear about them.

Ron Duwell

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