Two 4-inch iPhones Allegedly in Apple’s Future This Year – Larger iPhone is Out

by Todd Haselton | January 22, 2013

A fresh report suggests that Apple will release not only an iPhone 5S this year but, instead, two 4-inch iPhones. It’s a peculiar report and would certainly be a move out of Apple’s ordinary launch schedule of a single phone per year. Typically, Apple launches a new device then knocks down the price of its two previous iterations.

DigiTimes said its sources are pointing to two 4-inch phones with in-cell technology and that Apple has no plans to launch the rumored larger 4.8-inch iPhone this year but, instead, at a different point in time. The site said the goal is to sell one of the new phones as a mid-market device, although we don’t see why the current iPhone 5 wouldn’t fit that description perfectly. Plus, the information is entirely dependent on whether or not Apple can secure enough of the in-cell displays in time.

The idea seems fishy to us, again, because it’s a move from Apple’s annual single phone refresh. But perhaps that’s what Apple needs to do as it continues to fight with Samsung, RIM and other major competitors not only in the United States, but around the globe.



Todd Haselton

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