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All 100 U.S. Senators Now Own a Twitter Account

by Ron Duwell | January 21, 2013January 21, 2013 7:30 am PST


It seems the U.S. Senate is very much in touch with social media. For the first time in American history, coinciding with Obama’s inauguration, every United States Senator runs his or her own Twitter account. Even the frailest of our aging country’s leaders have been able to overcome “the Google” and participate in the ever expanding world of social networking.

Our esteemed Congress is not the only government body to finally join the 21st century, but the House of Representatives has also decided to play along as well. 398 members of the House, roughly 90%, now run a Twitter account as well. It’s definitely a positive move: members can now address the people directly and can hopefully address their dwindling 15% approval rating.

Also joining Twitter is First Lady Michelle Obama, who posted her first tweet on Monday after launching her account on Friday. She already has 124,000 followers. There’s clearly a trend going on here:┬áIn 2011, the year before the most recent election, only 44% of Senators used Twitter and a paltry 38% of the House did as well.

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