Nexus 7 Now Available with T-Mobile 4G Service from Google Play

T-Mobile just reached out to us to inform us that Google is now selling the Nexus 7 with T-Mobile 4G service directly from Google Play, with a T-Mobile SIM card. In addition, T-Mobile said that the Nexus 4 is now available in more retail stores than ever, and that the Android 4.2-powered smartphone will be available in all nationwide T-Mobile stores “in the coming weeks.” It will also be available from T-Mobile’s website beginning on Jan. 23.

We had pondered whether or not LG was the right choice for Google as a manufacturer of the Nexus 4, especially since supplies have been so limited, but it seems like the kinks are being worked out now that T-Mobile is expanding the number out outlets consumers can buy the device from.

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Todd Haselton

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