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Facebook Messenger for iPhone Now Supports Free Calls Within U.S.

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Facebook started testing its free VoIP service, which uses Wi-Fi networks to allow its Facebook Messenger users to place free calls to one another, in early December. Now it’s officially available to all residents in the United States, according to¬†The Verge.

Basically, this means that Skype and other free VoIP solutions have a bit of competition on their hands. Of course, Skype allows free calls and cheap rates around the globe, so Facebook isn’t quite on a par with that service just yet, but it could be in the near future. Also, make no mistake, the service doesn’t provide video chat at this time. Instead, you’re limited to voice calls only. Oh, and it only works with the iPhone, for now.

Still, free is free and the service will no doubt be useful to millions of users.

The Verge

Todd Haselton

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