AT&T Says FaceTime Over Cellular Will be Available for Most Customers Soon

by Brandon Russell | January 16, 2013

AT&T on Wednesday said most iPhone owners can now use FaceTime over cellular, which is how it should have been from the start. The carrier said the slow roll out was a result of extensive testing “to ensure the service had minimal impact on the mobile experience.” FaceTime over cellular was first initially available to customers with LTE or MobileShare plans, but that didn’t go over to well with the company’s huge user base.

I can see FaceTime over cellular being useful in certain instances (at a ball game, concert or national park maybe), but otherwise it doesn’t seem like something many people will use often; it’ll obviously vary from user to user. If you’re part of the group that was originally cut off by AT&T, the carrier said the update will roll out over the next few weeks.



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