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Analysts Say Next Xbox and PlayStation to Sell for $350-400

by Joey Davidson | January 15, 2013January 15, 2013 8:00 am PDT

Using rumors and fiscal projections, analysts have put together a report that indicates the price points for the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft. The next Xbox and PlayStation will, according to this prediction, sell for $350-400.

The word comes from Baird Equity Research in a report done up by Aside from pricing, the analysts also suggest that the next Xbox will drop in November of this year (probably) and the PlayStation 4 will release in October (I’m not sure). They also indicate these consoles will feature high-end PC gaming components and a blend of physical and digital distribution.

It’s always fun to cover these analyst predictions, especially when it comes to something as open-ended as console pricing. There’s obviously no “right” answer in this guessing game, but the $350-400 range sounds about right for the next generation of systems from Microsoft and Sony.

However, let history be your teacher and remember that Sony has a past of terribly pricing their systems at launch. The PS Vita wasn’t too bad – though I think they made a mistake by pricing proprietary memory so high – but the PlayStation 3 hit retail in 2006 with two SKUs, a $499 model and a $599 model. Even then, gamers knew $599 for a console was a bit ridiculous. Hopefully Sony doesn’t make the same mistake with the PlayStation 4.

How about you folks? How much do you think the next Xbox and PlayStation will cost? I’ll say that each system will come with two models. The Xbox will range from $300-350, and the PlayStation will range from $350-400.

Joey Davidson

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