Hockey is Back, EA Releases Post-Lockout NHL 13 Trailer

by Joey Davidson | January 14, 2013

With the NHL lockout over, fans have a choice to make. They can ignore the game, its merchandise and its players for the absurd lack of hockey that’s come to pass. Or, they can engage with the brand, go to games, watch them on TV and play¬†NHL 13.

EA Sports is obviously hoping that hockey fans will come back to their game, and the video at the head of this post articulates that desire.

Personally, I prefer the NHL’s official “Hockey Is Back” video to EA’s.
I’m not bitter, I swear.Actually, you know what? I prefer a full season that comes without stalls, posturing and ridiculous CBA negotiations that should have been completed during July and August instead of one weekend in January.

I’ve reached out and contacted EA Sports’¬†NHL 13 team to see if they’ll be releasing an update to let gamers start new Season Modes with the NHL’s 48 game schedule, I’ll update this article if I get a comment.


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