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LG Smart Activity Tracker: Potentially the Best Fitness Accessory Yet

by Brandon Russell | January 11, 2013January 11, 2013 9:00 am PST

LG has has limbered up, put its running shoes on, and jumped right into the growing activity tracker market. We saw the company’s new wearable FuelBand clone, and while the product isn’t final, we’re very excited by the product’s potential—particularly the fact that it might come with a heart rate monitor built in.

Everything is here that you’d expect from an activity tracker today: there’s a GPS and accelerometer to measure activity, and the ability to sync with your iPhone or Android device so you can log everything you’ve done. In the app itself, metrics for your day (or week and month) is displayed, where you can set goals and share with family and friends.

What’s cool is that LG’s Smart Activity Tracker actually shows users notifications—incoming/missed calls, messages, and music controls—on its touch display, so you can see stuff at a glance while you’re working out. And because it has a touchscreen, users can swipe through for different information on your daily steps—a popularized study out of Japan suggests adults should aim for 10,000 steps a day—and more.

Additionally, LG had a demo set up that showed how its Smart Activity Tracker syncs with exercise app on the company’s connected TVs, so you can play a dance and see how many calories you’re burning. We didn’t get to play with the activity tracker ourselves, but it seemed pretty thought out—if LG can manage to deliver on its promise. The bracelet itself felt nice and light, and, for context, it was essentially the size of a FuelBand.

Brandon Russell

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