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Nokia Q4 Results Look Positive, Buoyed by Strong Lumia Sales

by Brandon Russell | January 10, 2013January 10, 2013 10:00 pm PDT

Nokia on Thursday said the company enjoyed a healthy holiday period thanks to its Lumia brand. Could devices like the Lumia 920, which runs Microsoft’s wonderful Windows Phone 8 platform, be the shift Nokia needs to contend with some of today’s biggest smartphone makers?

Overall, the company said it sold 6.6 million smartphones during Q4, with Nokia’s Lumia-brand accounting for 4.4 million. Campaigns pushed hard to get the Windows Phone 8 OS into the minds of consumers, and it seems devices like the Lumia 920, which has some excellent Nokia-made apps and PureView camera tech, were a hot ticket item.

“We’re very pleased with the Lumia response, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said.

Despite Nokia’s improved lineup, and positive Q4 results, analysts are skeptical the trend will continue. “I think it’s a good start,” Mirabaud Securities analyst Susan Anthony told Reuters. “We still need evidence that the good initial momentum can continue and will not stall as happened with its Windows Phone 7 devices.”

Nokia didn’t specifically say the Lumia 920 was its top seller, but being that it’s the company’s flagship—and it’s cheap, to boot—we expect it was on a lot of holiday wish lists.

“I’m not still convinced that [Nokia is] going to manage to succeed with those new smartphones,” Redeye analyst Greger Johansson said. It’s the turn of the year, where things start to taper off as new smartphones get announced. Will Nokia continue on with its upward trend? RIM’s excellent BlackBerry 10 might have something to say about that.


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