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Netgear Announces NeoTV PRIME, Comes With Google TV

by Brandon Russell | January 8, 2013January 8, 2013 8:15 am PST

Netgear NeoTV Prime

By the time this year’s CES is over Google TV is going to be everywhere on everything—but that might not be such a bad thing. At least for Google. Companies must be sensing a trend, or maybe Google is getting more lax on where it sees its TV platform, because Netgear has added its name to the growing list of devices running Google TV.

The company announced the new kit on Monday and it essentially looks like a tiny square box that you place alongside your TV,  switch on, and you’re connected to Google’s impressively massive ecosystem. What really makes products like the NeoTV PRIME interesting is how instantly accessible apps such as Netflix, HBO Go, Pandora, etc., etc. are. You seemingly have everything you want ever right on your TV.

There’s nothing particularly wild about what Netgear has created, though the company did add a My Media quick-start button to its NeoTV PRIME remote. “Access the media player app with the mere push of a button.”

Stuff like Chrome and YouTube are readily available, of course, so the experience isn’t in anyway gimped. My guess is we can expect many more Google TV devices—ones that aren’t confined to actual TVs. That’s certainly a trend we can get behind.

You can pick up the NeoTV PRIME now for $129.99.


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