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Sharp Explains the Benefits of IGZO Display Technology

by Todd Haselton | January 7, 2013January 7, 2013 9:16 am PDT


Sharp took the stage during CES 2013 and discussed several of the features that make its new IGZO displays so great. The firm said the screens are more natural and are easier to use for delivering more information. It hopes manufacturers will use the low power displays to create paper-like and hugely portable touchscreen devices (imagine a super thin tablet) and said it’s the leading display technology for the next decade. The tech will be used to create a 32-inch 4K IGZO LCD monitor that has a resolution 4x higher than today’s full HD display.

IGZO was first introduced on a mobile phone in the AQUOS Phone Zeta SH-o2E, which it says can run for almost two days thanks to the highly power efficient screen. Other devices, such as the IGZO Tablet AQUOS Pad take advantage of the same display technology.

Sharp said that the “nature of the display itself” is evolving “driven by a quest for higher resolution” and cost effective cost capabilities. The glass that IGZO will use for its displays will be provided by Corning and is called Corning Lotus Glass. The two said they plan to continue to collaborate into the future.

“With IGZO, we believe Sharp has created a new era in screen technology,” the company said.

Todd Haselton

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