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Dropbox is Now on Windows RT and Windows 8

by Brandon Russell | January 7, 2013January 7, 2013 6:00 pm PDT


Dropbox is now available on Windows 8 and Windows RT, but unfortunately the app is severely lacking in the kind of features we’re used to. But a barebones app is better than nothing at all, right? Sure, of course.

Everything in your account is displayed in neat tiles, and you can search for specific files by name and extension. Right click, share, and open, edit, and save Office documents along with other type of editable files.

But you can’t upload files from your PC or tablet, or even view locally synced files. Back to the drawing board, Dropbox. This is certainly an essential app that needs to be on Microsoft’s new platforms, but it has to at the very least match what’s available elsewhere.


Brandon Russell

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