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Nintendo Shows us how Terrible we are at Mario…Again

by Joey Davidson | January 3, 2013January 3, 2013 3:30 pm PDT

New Super Mario Bros. U

We Play New Super Mario Bros. U

This marks our first “We Play” for Nintendo’s Wii U. Hopefully it’s one of many if the system picks up a great games catalog. Here’s some good news that we figured out in the process of recording this episode: the Wii U works with the Wii’s component cables. The capturing equipment we currently use does […]

New Super Mario Bros. U Gets Co-op Gameplay Trailer

“Cooperative” play in the recent string of New Super Mario Bros. games hasn’t necessarily been a mode where players work together to achieve goals. Especially among my friends, gaming together in New Super Mario Bros. tends to equate to one poor sap repeatedly getting thrown or bumped into bottomless pits. Cooperative becomes angry and competitive in a heartbeat. […]

New Super Mario Bros. U REVIEW – A Good Song on Loop

The New Super Mario label is now, in case you haven’t been following, a series. Here’s a timeline. New Super Mario Bros. – Nintendo DS – 2006 New Super Mario Bros. Wii – Nintendo Wii – 2009 New Super Mario Bros. 2 – Nintendo 3DS – 2012 New Super Mario Bros. U – Nintendo Wii U – 2012 […]

We’ve been here before, right? Nintendo opened up a YouTube channel specifically to upload hint and tip videos for New Super Mario Bros. U in December of 2012. The first video they rolled out was the completion of the first level in the game without touching the ground. It’s awesome, and you should watch it.

This time around, Nintendo achieves the same outcome on a different level with Yoshi and the Squirrel Suit. It’s still stunning, and I still think I’m genuinely awful at Mario games again.

I recently reviewed New Super Mario Bros. U, an article that you’ll find linked over on the right of this post, and while there were things that rubbed me the wrong way, I did praise the game for its ability to present classic Mario mechanics all over again. If you’ve played these games with any regularity, you know that there are a few ways to ingest them. You can run from one end to the next without using any finesse at all, or you can hunt and seek out each and every play method and secret the titles offer.

New Super Mario Bros. U, as Nintendo is showing with these videos, can be played in all sorts of ways. You could run from one end of each level to the next without collecting much more than a few coins, or you can perfect the act of collecting every single coin without touching the ground once. That’s a great achievement that rings true to the level design of the game itself.

It may be built from recycled assets, but New Super Mario Bros. U is still pretty cool.

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