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Facebook Testing Free Voice Calling Over Wi-Fi in Messenger for iOS App

by Brandon Russell | January 3, 2013January 3, 2013 3:00 pm PDT


Facebook is testing a video calling functionality through Messenger for iOS that sounds similar to services such as Skype. What’s particularly notable about Facebook offering its own calling through Wi-Fi, however, is the fact that the social network is immense. A billion connected users might one day be able to call each other for free.

The feature is being tested in Canada only right now, which certainly limits the service. But if the test goes well, The Verge says free voice calling could spread to Android users and other people worldwide. If it does, imagine the money it’ll save some people who rely on phone services to call family across the globe—imagine how it’ll cut down on carrier minutes.

Facebook has been dabbling in smaller market segments with services such as Facebook Poke and Facebook Camera for some time now, and it clearly wants to enter another. Could this be a precursor to a legitimate Facebook phone? Who knows. Would you trust Facebook with your calls?


Brandon Russell

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