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Details of New Samsung QWERTY Device Leak, Could Pack Android 4.0

by Brandon Russell | January 2, 2013January 2, 2013 3:30 pm PDT


The flailing QWERTY market is a segment that has been largely banished in favor or all-touch devices—business users despair. But it’s not completely flat-lined, and Samsung might take advantage of this slight glimmer by introducing a follow up to its Galaxy M Pro which, by today’s lofty standards, is sorely lacking in all spec departments. And it still will be, but less so.

Following a more than a six-month-old FCC lead, Blog of Mobile claims that some preliminary info on the GT-B7810 is out in the wild, and it might land with Android 4.0. That’s not the oldest version of Android still kicking around, but it certainly isn’t as famously smooth as Jelly Bean.

Other purported specs include the same 480 x 360 display, brushed metal design, 1,200mAh battery, HSPA 3G and a micro-SIM slot. There isn’t too much to get up in arms over, but it might be a solid entry-level handset—one that protects the QWERTY crowd from those awful all-touch devices. Or you could just opt for RIM’s upcoming N-Series.

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