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Over the ear headphones are nice accessory to pair with your smartphone, tablet or media player.  They are great to use at school, work or when traveling.  Nowadays you can walk in to your local Best Buy and find aisles and aisles of headphone options. You easily have hundreds to choose from. The task can be fairly daunting. We picked a handful of our favorite headphones from budget ones to super fancy noise canceling pairs.

Sony ZX Series Over-The-Ear Headphones


The Sony ZX Series Over-The-Ear Headphones are one of the most economical choices on the market.  At $19.99 these guys are perfect if you’re prone to losing or breaking things.  They have a nice soft cushion around the ear cups and the sound quality is not bad at all.  Obviously you can get more features in the more expensive sets, but for under $20 what’s the risk? If anything it would make a great stocking stuffer for the holidays.  It is available in black, white, or black/purple.

Audio-TechnicaATH-M50 Headphones


We’re huge fans of Audio-Technica here at TechnoBuffalo. At least half our staff uses and swear by the magic of this brand, so it should not be a surprise we have not one but two Audio-Technica headphones that made it in to this gift guide. First we have the ATH-M50 headphones, that features exceptional sound and super comfortable ear cups.  Though a bit pricier than most of the budget options we’re listing, you will definitely notice a clear difference with these headphones.  While the ATH-M50 does not include noise canceling technology, you will have to pay a little more for ones that do.

Audio-Technica – QuietPoint Over-the-Ear Headphones (ATH-ANC9)


The Audio-Technica – QuietPoint Over-the-Ear Headphones (ATH-ANC9) are a fantastic pair of noise cancelling headphones.  Audio-Technica advertises these headphones to reduce background noise for up to 95 percent, perfect for long flights to help drown out engine noise.  Unlike the ATH-M50, these headphones have detachable cables (two in fact) and comes with a fancy travel case. Most noise cancelling headphones will require a separate power source, while these will take a AAA battery, it is a better option than some headphones I’ve tried that use 2 AA batteries.  While these will set you back a bit, you will not regret purchasing one of the best sound quality headphones on the market.

Bose OE2 Audio Headphones


The Bose OE2 audio headphones are a personal favorite our very own Jon Rettinger.  He’s been using them for a few years now and loves them.  He uses them when editing videos, jumping on Skype calls and listening to his favorite tunes. I love the OE2s because of their superb sound quality without all the bulk you find in most over the ear headphones. Users that found the foam cups to hurt your ears after long use my gravitate to the OE2s.  These headphones do not wrap the ears like other headphones, rather they fit comfortably on top of them, and this may help if you have big ears like me.  At any rate, this is probably the best 150 bucks you could spend on your ears.

Bose – QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones (QC15 )


The Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones are arguably on the higher price end for headphones. Sure there are pricier options, but the QC15s sits on the top of heap.  These headphones feature a fuller earpiece than the OE2 and offers the awesome power of Bose’s noise cancelling technology.  These are definitely a pair of headsets you should try out at your local Best Buy to appreciate the magnificent technology.