Club Nintendo Elite Reward 2013

Nintendo has officially announced the rewards for both Gold and Platinum level Club Nintendo members.

What is Club Nintendo, and what are the Gold and Platinum levels?

Club Nintendo is basically a service that allows you to register your purchased games and take surveys in order to earn coins. These coins can be spent on physical and virtual rewards.

The Gold and Platinum levels are unlocked when you earn enough coins during the calendar year. The prizes for these levels are announced during the summer, ala today, and given out by the end of the year.

Here are the goodies for 2013, with links for more detail and the option to order.

If you're going to weigh your options for a bit, you have until Aug. 15th, 2013 to make a choice. After that, these awards vanish.

Which are you going with? The virtual console titles and physical calendar are a little weak, so I went with the posters. They're not as good as other Club Nintendo rewards in previous years, but, hey, they're free.