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Love it or Hate it: Windows Blue Will Likely Keep Metro UI

by Brandon Russell | December 26, 2012December 26, 2012 7:00 pm PST

Windows 8

When Microsoft unveils Windows Blue, the follow up to Windows 8, the company’s now-famous Metro UI will still be in tact, just a little more customizable. That will either elicit groans or ecstasy among consumers.

According to an anonymous alpha tester of Windows Blue, Microsoft is looking to stick by the live tile interface, with the more traditional desktop still lying underneath. However, the Windows desktop could see a bit of a visual refresh as well, allegedly to make it mesh more fluidly with Metro’s more touch-centric look.

Otherwise, not much information was shared as far as features are concerned. Previous talk surrounding Windows Blue suggest Microsoft is moving toward yearly updates, much like how Apple handles OS X, rather than an enormous software introduction every few years. Regardless, it sounds like Metro UI will most definitely be there to greet users.


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