Buffalo Gear: What’s on Your Christmas Wishlist? (Open Thread)

by Brandon Russell | December 23, 2012

There were so many great gadgets this year—where to start?—from the Nexus 7, to the iPhone 5, to the Lumia 920. But not everyone has money to burn, so keeping up with the best and latest can be pretty difficult. Working out of the TechnoBuffalo offices, I had the opportunity to play with quite a few wonderful devices, all of which I wish were in my personal collection. Sadly, buying anything and everything would do way too much damage on my back account. There’s plenty of space in my backpack for that nifty Kindle Paperwhite, though (hint hint, mom).

I’m sure many of you have an ongoing wishlist, so let’s hear it: What gadgets did you ask for (or wish you owned)? Oh, and I know film cameras are old and so fifty years ago, but maybe someone is feeling generous to hook me up with one of these? No?

Brandon Russell

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